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◎A story of the bamboo.

  • The scenery with the bamboo is very Japanese-style and lets our heart soften. Bamboo is a perennation evergreen herb and calls a large-scale type "bamboo" and calls a small type "bamboo grass". The bamboo likes land of a warm, wet climate, and they inhabit temperate zone area in Asia and the tropical zone area in Asia a lot. It will be familiar that a panda lives mainly on this. Bamboo is usually the plant which enlarges the habitation area by expanding the underground stem. Some bamboo flowers periodically. And it is known that it dies all at once. The period is extremely long, and the common Japanese bamboo is estimated for 120 years when it is a period. A period of the bamboo has many kinds that I have not yet understood. The growth power of the bamboo is strong. It grows up more than 1m in a day at the time of peak. There is the damage that bamboo invades to the private house near Takebayashi. Conversely, the bamboo is vulnerable to a strong wind, a landslide, a disease. There is the investigation into that there is much outbreak landslide in Takebayashi left unattended. The bamboo dried enough possesses hardness and the softness. It is used as various material, and paper is made with the fiber. It is used as bamboo charcoal vinegar and bamboo charcoal and is used as food, feed, building materials widely.

◎A characteristic of the bamboo.

  • Because all organizations form a line parallel to an axial direction, the bamboo has a strength in the fiber direction. Density of the fiber is high so that it is almost the epidermis, and it is flexible, and the property is hard to be broken. The structure of the ingredient is the approximately same as wood. It varies according to a kind and a use of the bamboo, but, as for using it as materials of the bamboo, the bamboo which grew for about 3-5 years is the best. At the time to fell bamboo, an interval from late autumn when growth stops to the early winter is most suitable.

A traditional use.

  • ・For life. Folding fan, round fan, lantern, bamboo blind, basket, colander, pole, Japanese-style umbrella, tea ceremony tool, vase, tableware ・For a building. Materials of the wall surface, interior decoration material, decoration material ・For a garden. Fence, garden bamboo ・For fishery. The bamboo which loosens for culture with laver. A prop to cultivate oysters. ・For agriculture. Vinyl tunnel materials, prop ・For a musical instrument. Sho, flute, shakuhachi ・For an event. The Star Festival, New Year holidays decoration