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◎Guidance of the head office

  • The bamboo of Sagano is famous as the scenery representing Kyoto Sagano historically. Because it is often composed poetry on from the ancient times, it is proved. Since the establishment of a business of 1935, ISHIKAWA BAMBOO SHOP creates a bamboo product of many original with a bamboo of the best quality. (the best quality of the bamboo is judged from an epidermal color and beauty and flexibility.) We make use of the traditional technique of the tool of tea ceremony and the flower arrangement of Kyoto, and the product of ISHIKAWA BAMBOO SHOP is created with a thing agreeing with the high sensitivity of modern people more. At the head office of Kyoto Arashiyama, We display bamboo products more than 1,000 kinds as a store specializing in best bamboo products in Japan.

◎Guidance in the shop

■handling product■

  • ●The first floor●  Bamboo product counter
  • Firsts floor photo
  • A flower basket, a tea service set, Saga mask, bamboo charcoal, incense, an earpick, a toy, a basket, a writing brush, a Japanese paper. Japanese-style miscellaneous goods ... chopsticks, rice scoop, spoons, teaspoon, rolling mat, saucer for a teacup, moist hand towel case, lunch box, dish plate, drinking vessel, miso strainer.
  • ●Second floor●  cloth accessory, the ceramics counter
  • Second floor photo
  • A handkerchief, a lunch box parcel, Kyoto crape porch, a bag, ceramics.

The bamboo knitting demonstration by the craftsman

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The bamboo knitting demonstration by the craftsman's photo

Tuesday and Wednesday

☆You can see the skill of the craftsman near in a shop. Come willingly.